AdventShare 2018 Coast of Norway

This summer I will explore Norway by biking from North to South




Time to start planning my next adventure, this summer I will explore Norway by bike, starting from North and heading South


About my adventures and outdoor life in general. Want to share and inspire!

About me

I am a big fan of outdoor life. I like exploring new places and meetint new people

 Norway adventure – be part!

This summer I will travel by bike to explore Norway

Summer 2017 - 2 000 km in Georgia, Armenia and Iran

Last summer I biked from Gdansk to Athens, a distance of about 3000 km and I passed seven countries. For this adventure, I also received the award "2016 Year's Adventure".


This summer, 2017, I was back on the bike saddle, but this time I headed further east. In July I started biking from the northwestern part of Georgia towards Armenia. I biked from the north to the south border of Armenia and from there to Iran. During the 21 days I biked more than 2000 km. Main challenges were the many mountains to climb, the heat, the bad roads and the wind. Tough and challenging, but at the same time very rewarding. And wow, what beautiful nature I got to see and what amazing people I did meet. And I also got many insights in different cultures and how people lived their lives.

Summer 2016 - Gdansk to Athens

route mapMy adventure

Last summer I biked from sea to sea, from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. Along my way I crossed seven different countries and in each of them I met up with a woman and together we performed a mini-adventure. July 11 I started my ride in Gdansk and 31 days later I reached my end destination, Athens. The countries I passed were Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Greece. My total distance ended on almost 3000 kilometers.


By doing this adventure I wanted a physical challenge, experience the natural beauty, meet the locals, discovering new places and to take part of the different cultures. As a sole young woman on adventure I also wanted to see what the adventure climate looked like for women in the seven different countries. By performing this adventure I wanted to learn and experience as well as contribute with insights and inspiration.


I started my biking in Gdansk and to get there I took the ferry from Stockholm. Except bike, clothes and myself, I brought tent, food and gas stove; all what I needed to be able to travel independently. Most of the nights were spent in my tent, but when meeting up with my adventure friends I stayed together with them. From Athens I traveled back to Sweden by plane.


Along my way I did meet seven different women, one from each country. Except performing a mini-adventure together we talked a lot. They all were friendly, open-minded and sharing and I got a lot of new insights and learnings. I got a picture of our similar and different views on adventuring, family life and on our future.

About me

Fan of outdoor activites and exploring new places

Johanna Johansson på äventyr på Island
Johanna Johansson vadar med cykel på Island

Short presentation

  • My name is Johanna Johansson
  • I was born 1981 and I grew up in Dalarna in Sweden
  • I have lived, traveled, studied and worked in many different countries
  • Today I live centrally in Stockholm
  • My parents live in Dalarna and I have to brothers living in Stockholm
  • I work as with events and partner marketing

A bit more about me

An active lifestyle with elements of adventure and being outdoor has been part of my life since childhood and I like trying new kind of activities and to challenge myself . Examples of activities that I do more or less frequently are running, hiking, biking, skiing, climbing and kayaking.


Another big interest is traveling and I like going to a bit more unusual destinations where I can make my own picture of the country, such as Uganda, Myanmar and Albania. I have traveled in all directions of the compass, many times on my own and almost always with an element of adventure included. Among others I have traveled by bicycle from Tallinn to Riga, hitchhiked and couch surfed myself all over New Zealand, river rafted along the Nile and trekked the Himalayas.
My outdoor interest also made my way to become part of Haglöfs Adventure Academy in 2014, an adventure education lead by the adventurer Ola Skinnarmo and Haglöfs. Together with 14 other participants I got the tools to be able to set up and implement my own adventure. This resulted in Iceland Bike & Hike, a 10 day long adventure in which I biked 840 km. If trying to describe this experience in a few words, I would say beautiful, harsh, unpredictable, exhausting, lonely and magnificent.


Last summer I biked from Gdansk to Athens, a distance of about 3000 km in. During the month I passed seven countries and I met with one woman in each country to share experiences and our views on life. It was with great happiness and pride that I received "2016 Year's Adventure" award for this adventure.

Partner up

There are many ways to create win-win!

In what ways can we share our interests? In what ways can we work together and create win-win? There are many ways of setting up a partnership, but it is only a partnership if both parts gain from it. If you find my adventure interesting and if you want to discuss how you can become a part of it, do not hesitate to contact me. Please send me an e-mail to or call me at +46 70 675 13 53.